Between Shows

So last night, we sold out.

That’s how it goes in theatre, I guess. I’m unused to how LA theatre works, but it appears that Megyn Price, our special guest of the night, has a good group of friends, the LA Times article helped, the Daily Bruin article helped, and the constant whining, bitching and advertising about the show helped.

We broke into cheers backstage when they announced that the show was sold out. I hope we get more houses like that. Last night was so much fun.

I spent this morning recapping, this afternoon at a birthday party and now I’m on my way to see my friend Liz’s show at The Groundlings. I cannot ask friends to come see my show if I do not support the shows of others, right?

I don’t really have much else to add, but I wanted you guys to know that the antibiotics have kicked in, my throat’s better, and people are apparently attending the show. Hopefully that full house will tell their friends and the momentum will keep going and the next five weeks will go smoothly. Hopefully.

You guys, Megyn Price was so damn funny last night. I didn’t get a chance to rehearse with her, but she had seen the show last year and knew what we did. She just walks up there with a two-page monologue and brought the damn house down. We were dying backstage, she was so funny. We couldn’t even see her and she was hysterical.

“This is why she’s on a sitcom and we don’t have agents,” one of my friends said to me.

“I know. I’ve been doing this monologue for a year and I’m never that funny,” another one said.

The best part of this show is that somehow fifteen women are getting along splendidly every night. I feel really lucky and blessed to have such talented, professional ladies kicking ass every night. And my lady producer just so happens to be the most fantastic cheerleader ever. I just want her to walk around behind me all day: “Pam! You make the coolest ATM withdrawls ever. Amazing! I am so proud of you.” “Did you see the way you asked for paper and plastic? I never would have thought of that! I love you!”

She’s awesome, is what I’m saying. And she’s constantly saying nice things to me. At this point, I don’t really know how to repay her, other than to keep filling that audience every night so everyone knows how much she rocks.

Yeah, I feel like I should add something funny or witty or at least some kind of knowledge I’ve acquired lately… hmm… avoiding just saying something about the cats… hmm…



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