This month is going to be insane, and so a little sporadic around here. I’m out of town a lot, for weddings and holiday and all of that stuff that comes around this time of the year, but I promise to update whenever I can.

I got sick, which I always do before I take a trip, so for the last two days I was immobile, whining and moaning, complaining about everything, trying to survive for two days without caffeine. I had my first cup of coffee this morning since Saturday, and I just about spun a hole into the ground with my sudden burst of energy. I was so wired that I had to run an errand while I was in the middle of a chore, because I just couldn’t take standing still any longer. I still have more errands to run, including laundry, packing, cooking, etc., so perhaps another cup will be necessary. No wonder I drink so much of this stuff! It’s great! I feel so good, even though I still feel mostly shitty! Coffee rules!

What else? Uh, I’m totally behind in all email and phone conversations, so if you’ve written or called lately and I haven’t gotten back to you, it’s not that I’m ignoring you, it’s that I was stuck to a pillow for two days and today I’ve been recapping and errand-running while trying to pretend I’m not sick because tomorrow I have to go out of town.

I’ve been trying to email all day, but it appears someone sent me something enormous, and the dial-up is sick and tired of trying to download it. This is my fourth attempt today, and it appears to be not working again.

That’s the most boring thing I’ve ever written here, but if you read it after two cups of coffee, it’s fucking fabulous. Favulous. Favolos. Coffee. U rule. Totally. RULES!

Yeah, someone sent me something that’s crashing my computer. I bet this’ll crash before I post it. Can i write an entry and post it faster tahn my cmoputer can crash? That’s the test! The typing test! Go, go, go! Coffee! Awesome! AWESOMEEEEE>>!>

Woo. I’m getting a little dizzy.

This might be the antibiotics talking, but you are something sexy. Look at you. You’re looking good. Thanksgiving did nothing to you. It’s like you lost weight over the holiday. Damn, you’re looking fine. Look at me! Look what I can do! Watch me! Watch me!

Oh, my God. My heart is beating a miillion miles a minute. How did I used to drink so much of this stuff? I had like, six cups a day? Well five. Four. Seven. A lot. Halff of a pot of coffee. And some tea. Not decaf tea, real tea. Chai. That’s not really real tea, but it’s caffeinated. Green, black, blue, any kind of tea. I’ll drink it. Is that too much caffeine? What about with the three Diet Cokes I’d have, too? Was i on a lot of caffeine?

Well, now, it’ sjust this one cup of coffee. Two. I really had two, but over the course of six hours, so it’s like one. And lots of water. But man, I’m really feeling this one cup of coffee. Two. It’s like, my fingers are going as fast as mybrain, and the only thing slow in this world IS MY EMAIL PROGRAM. DOWNLOAD THE EMAIL SO I CAN MOVE OM WITH MY LIFE! GOD! JEEZ! MAN!

Okay. Deep breath. Time to calm down, just al ittle. Did I mention I got over 50,000 words on the new novel? I’m not done or anything, but take that, Nanowrimo. Woo! Yes, I drank seven cupos of coffee back then. Cupos. that was a typo, but I like that. That’s our new word, okay? Cupos.

I’ve had mucho cupos, y’all.

Brilliant! Coffee, you are a mental genius! You make synapses fire that haven’t kissed each other in years! Holy crap, I’m smart.

Ah, yes, the file finally came through, and it is a large one. Music sent from someone working on the Anne Heche show with me. I totally asked him to send it. My fault. My problem. Mi promelmbowo.

I gotta go.

Now! Now! I gotta go! Jeez! Let me go!

See ya!

When? I don’t know! quit bothering me! I’m very busy! I’M VERY BUSY!

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