the end of camp raysaway

Ray’s been out of town this weekend, which made for naked breakfast and long showers with the door open and sleeping with my clothes off. Whee!

But Ray comes back today. Boo.

But I’ve missed him so it’s okay. Yay!

But he’s not going out of town again until at least Burning Man. Boo.

But I’m going out of town next weekend. Yay!

In any event, as yesterday was the last day of Camp Raysaway, I took full advantage. I took a nap in the sun and then had a great two-hour girltalk on the phone while I soaked in a bubble bath. I cleaned parts of the house in just a towel and then put on masks and lotions and creams and did nice things to my body that needed to be done.

I had wanted to make this fake rock garden on the porch for Ray. You know how they sell those rocks with inspirational words on them? I wanted to make some with Rayspirational words. You know, like “Beer.” “Titties.” “Ass.” “Texas.”

The other day I had gone to the beach and picked out some perfect rocks. Last night stee came over to watch Sex and the City and paint Ray’s rock garden with me before Ray came home. For long, involved reasons involving paychecks, unemployment, laziness and cash flow, we ended up eating tater tots and chicken nuggets while we watched Sex and the City and then painted rocks during Queer as Folk. By the time we finished it was pretty late at night, but TiVo had taped some very bad television that we wanted to see. Carmen Electra, David Hyde Pierce and Mackenzie Astin. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I looked over at stee. “You realize we ate tater tots and chicken nuggets and then stayed up late watching dirty television shows while we painted rocks. This is why eight-year olds aren’t allowed to have their own apartments.”

So, here I am being a grown-up again, working, thinking about getting some coffee, thinking about money and bills and trips and lunch and I’d much rather be painting the word “Beer.” Currently the worst sounds in the world are wafting in from the living room. I’m recapping this past week’s episodes of Making the Band. Lord help me. What has djb done to me?

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