Hey, hey, still smoke free. Not that it’s been easy, mind you.

I’ve been so self-absorbed that I forgot to mention I had company this week. djb is here and seeing Los Angeles for the first time. (Hey, Mom. He says hi and hopes you’re doing well. He said the plane wasn’t any fun without you.)

Last night we gave him the full LA treatment. We walked to a restaurant, looking at smoke from a giant fire somewhere in Hollywood. We talked about New York. We discussed the two parties we had for the evening. We decided that the first one was just too far away to get to the second one in time. The first party was sort of us crashing a party that a party-guest invited us to, but we didn’t even know the girl having the birthday. In fact, we didn’t know anyone at the party and wouldn’t know how to recognize the person that had invited us, since we’ve never met, and there were supposed to be tons of people at the party.

We went back to my place to wait for directions on the second party, and Ray started making Mexican Martinis. We ate barbecue and drank tequila until we found out that the second party had been cancelled due to the people having it changing their minds.

We ended up on the porch drinking all night. And I think that’s an important part of Los Angeles: being so fabulous that you don’t even have to go to the parties you’re invited to and instead spend the evening drinking with your friends.

This morning it’s time for another important part of Los Angeles: drinking coffee near pretty people.

Hey, I didn’t even have a hangover this morning. Is this because I’m not smoking? No dehydration? My skin even looked normal this morning. Well, score one for not smoking, I guess. So far, it’s the only point it has.

Here’s a list of things that have angered me lately:

  • The spores on my porch that fall from the trees and fall into the back of my pants.
  • The lack of mail I’ve been getting.
  • Red lights.
  • Waiting in line for coffee.
  • The Pinkdot near my house is closing. They don’t have anything inside the store anymore.
  • Cal.
  • Everyone in the world gets to smoke but I don’t.

Next on the list of things djb has to suffer through: one of my shows. Then this evening we get to see my very funny friends play their very funny music. That’ll make up for anything not-funny I might say on stage tonight.

New Gilmore Girls recap is up.

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