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I am suffering from senioritis these days. It’s the weather. It’s pretty outside. Very pretty. Sit around in the sun and read kind of pretty. I feel pretty it’s so pretty outside.

So, I’m just going to send you off to Mighty Big TV because there’s a brand-new look going on over there. Check out two recaps for Gilmore Girls and the newest feature: Videos. Stee and I recapped Dido’s “Thank You.” Go check it out.

It really is quite pretty outside today. I have to go clean up before the MBTV party gets here tonight. I’m not really making excuses.

I swear.

Okay. These are kind of excuses.

Oh, yesterday when I was complaining about not getting mail, I didn’t mean email. Man, some of you sent me some hostile email since yesterday. I was just waiting on some paychecks I hadn’t seen yet. Y’all chill. Eat some gum.

Oh, the gum. I haven’t even had a piece today. Had two pieces yesterday. The mouth sores the gum causes isn’t worth it. But when I get kind of antsy, I still pop a piece.

Here’s what I know about nicotine:

It made me less critical of myself. Lately I can swing into a big depression easily and I just get grumpy about things for no reason. For the first time in I don’t know how long, the other night I was really mad at myself after a show. My concentration levels had plummeted, and I was really angry with myself onstage. Not like me at all. Not like me to be bitching about my own performance all night long.

Nicotine made me less hungry. Not that it’s a big shock or anything.

Nicotine made me stay awake. All I want to do now is eat a giant bucket of French Fries and then sleep for three days.

Okay, back to cleaning. Just checking in.

One week. Are you proud of me? I am.

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