Hey, Hey, Hello

and goodbye

It’s pretty frantic over here today. Ray’s gathering things together for a big proposal and is fixing to go out of town. “Fixing to.” That was just so some of you see I haven’t become totally Hollywood yet.

Omar gets here in about three minutes, so I have to keep this quick. Basically Ray and I are trying to get work done while making the house semi-presentable.

It’s not that easy. Cal has busted through the back door and almost died three times. He’s also frantic today. The Foo Fighters are blaring on the speakers. They are frantic today.

So, to soothe you, I’ll send you elsewhere. I have a new Hissyfit up, which is my Coachella confession. I didn’t end up going. I know. Save your judgment until after you’ve read the article.

And, in case you’re a fast reader and you can’t get enough of me (thanks!), I also have a recap of MTV’s Hip-Hopera: Carmen. That was a very painful recap and I did it all for you. You can thank me later.

Regarding yesterday’s entry… a few of you wrote in concerning my use of the phrase “I’ll be less gay tomorrow” at the end of my entry. You know, it’s such a part of my potty-mouth-comic-vocabulary that it’s lost all derogatory meaning for me at all. I’m sorry if I offended some of you. You must know I don’t think that being gay is a bad thing to be.

Okay. So. I’m off to e3. I’m the only one going that has no idea what I’m about to do. Everyone else is very excited, so I guess I’m about to play lots of video games. With a press pass. I’m so wearing it in my Fedora, by the way.

And Djb has officially won his way permanently into our hearts by sending Ray and Pam’s Official Hospitality Thank You Gift: Salt Lick. Today there will be Texas tears shed over the beauty of a perfect sausage with the most incredible sauce in the world. Thanks, Djb! You’re welcome here any time.

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