Kind of Still Winter

and i post pictures of emily

Can you believe I’ve already been here for five months? Time is flying by. Now. It seemed to be going quite slowly before, but now the next thing I know, I’m in April. Almost half-done with April. It’s going to be summer before I know it. Crazy. I think I need another month before I know how I feel about all of this.

Gosh, it’s cold out. It’s strange, because I’m used to the weather being warm by now. Michelle told me it’s already humid in Austin. I’m still wearing sweaters and coats here.

So, birthday week is almost over. So sad. It’s been a good one, filled with friends and phone calls and television and movies and food and presents and happy times. Oh, and there was an unfortunate couple of hours where I saw Blow, but I’m able to look past that. I thought Johnny Depp would be a good birthday present. Not in this case.

I’m almost out of Squishy shirts, so if you are still jonesing for one, you’d better order it soon.

I want to put up a Squishy gallery of people wearing their Squishy t-shirts. Right now the only person to send in pictures is sweet Emily. But check her out:

(pictures no longer available)

So, if you’ve got a picture of yourself wearing squishy swag in perhaps a strange place (and what’s stranger than Pittsburgh, right, Em?), then send them to me. I’ll get them all posted and you can see just how attractive the Squishy bunch is. Y’all are pretty.

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