do you still dink i’m piddy?

I am nod sick.

I am jut a tinah bid stuffih, ad need extra cups of coffah ad oprah.

I am going to ged on dat plane to Ausdin on Friday, dahmaht.

Ih. I dink dis code is from Eric from last weekend when I was careful nod to ged sick.

Ohhhh, man. I wad too tired to get coffee. Dank you, Ray.

Oprah, dake me away from all dis pain.

Dah Care Bears are here.


Who led da Thereflu out? Rhoo! Rhoo! Rhoo!



“YM Girlz Rule!”
Ask Anything

“Am I a late bloomer?”

Q: I’m 14 years old and I haven’t gotten my period yet. My sisters were both 11 when they got theirs. What’s wrong with me?

A: Nothing at all. The average age for a first period is between 12 and 13, but the normal range is from 10 to 15. If you don’t get your period by the time you’re 16, see a gynocologist. For now, don’t freak out about your missing flow.

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