the first christmas

success and turkey

Reason #903 to keep a journal:

You nice people sent me cards and presents and made me feel less alone this holiday. Thanks for that.

One of the best gifts we got this year was from Eric’s mom: a digital camera attachment for the Visor Handspring. You just hold up your Handspring and shoot. So, since everyone was so helpful in telling us how to make Christmas dinner, we took some pictures of the progress.

It was very successful. The turkey was tender and juicy and all of the food came out well, even the deviled eggs, which I was worried about (tip: add curry powder to the mix). Check me out giving tips to you. Ha.

At first we thought the turkey was still frozen. After washing it off, however, we realized it was just cold. This didn’t make the task of preparing the turkey seem any easier. Here I am debating giving up and calling for Chinese food.

Eric was in charge of washing out the turkey and sticking it in the pan. We didn’t have a picture of the two of us screaming when the giblet bag came flying up towards our heads, covered in turkey blood. Man. Terrifying.

Someone sent in a great idea where I put the deviled egg mixture into a baggie to squeeze the stuff into the eggs. It worked great! Here I am consumed by concentration.

There is nothing nastier than an unprepared turkey. It looks like porn.

Here I’m trying to put on a good face, but clearly I’m still thinking about just ordering Chinese.

It’s sideways, but this is me preparing the “tent” that goes over the turkey. We enjoyed making “turkey tent” jokes.

I guess Eric got bored here and decided to just take pictures of his presents.

And himself…

And the table full of stocking presents…

And Taylor…

And Cal.

But the dinner: very good. We had turkey sandwiches and watched movies and played games and had a nice quiet Christmas. We talked on the phone to friends and family and fed stee’s cat and had coffee and read books and listened to music and just had a nice day.

Thanks for being a part of it, guys.

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