Still Waiting

and i’m just trying to not smash my computer

This morning I got up early and walked two miles. Yes, I walked with the sun and the breeze and was generally just a happy girl. But that only sounds healthy until I tell you that I walked two miles because I got lost on my way to the coffee shop.

They are demolishing a building across the street from us. It’s crazy-loud in the apartment at all times. I cannot wait for this to be over.

Other lessons learned: it really puts people off when you make eye contact and smile. They think you’re about to rob them or something. Sure is different from Texas in that way. Ray said hi to a woman on our street yesterday and I swear she broke into a sprint trying to get to her Hummer before we got any closer.

One LA myth: I haven’t noticed the air being shitty here. In fact, I haven’t used my allergy meds or my inhaler yet. I can always see LA from our view. One smoggy day so far, but that’s about it.

One LA thing that I hoped was a myth but seems to actually be true: There are really snotty fucking bitches named Tyfannee here that meet you, make fun of you for being from Texas and then mock your car. I really thought that was a myth, but bitch mocked the Civic, yo. That ain’t cool.

I’m losing my shit with this dial-up connection, people. It’s so slow. I’ve been working for three hours and this is all I’ve completed:

  • Gone through the Mighty Big TV forum for Gilmore Girls.
  • Read through the Hissyfit forum.
  • Read two journals.
  • Reinforced my theory that I will only allow Shelley to take pictures of me. On that thread you can also find pictures of Cute Single Boy of the Week Chris, Tyson, Stee and some crazy lazy-eyed looking Eric.
  • Shelley also described our porch pretty accurately (except Lucky Lager isn’t a Texas beer).
  • I tried to figure out how my forum was hacked, only to discover that it’s pretty much due to the fact that I’m running out of disk space every evening before the chron job runs. This means I’m about to have to bump up to the next level which is $200 more a month.
  • Almost got everything done before today’s guests arrived.

I haven’t even had the time to give you guys the new plugs. Here goes:

Central Texans! Don’t miss Margaret Cho at the Bad Dog Comedy Theater this weekend. Next week is Richard Lewis. Buy your tickets now and tell them pamie sent you. They may shed a few tears. They might just beam and go, “Oh, yeah. Her. So glad she’s gone.” Either way, give them my love.

Magazine readers! Pick up this week’s Entertainment Weekly for a review on Mighty Big TV or this week’s Rolling Stone for a review on Rolling Stone, or next week’s Entertainment Weekly for a review on Fametracker. Rock and roll, yo.

Two nights ago I watched my friend eat a cheeseburger that had hot dogs on it. I’m still scared.

When I was nine I had to take down all of the states’ results on the presidential election between Reagan and Mondale. I remember it was the lamest thing in the world, since Mondale only took one state, I think, and I was pissy because I couldn’t watch The Facts of Life. I can’t even imagine having that assignment last night. We were up until after one Pacific time, so I feel bad for those East Coast kids having to figure out why Florida is so damn important. I’m just sayin’, someone better put Jeb on lockdown. Don’t trust him.

Okay, just so you know, there are still people here. Two spent the night last night, and will tonight, and I think maybe three are here this weekend, so I’m off to go play hostess. Sure can’t wait for DSL. I don’t know what these people are going to think tomorrow when I have to recap Gilmore Girls. The party will officially end, I’m sure.

Which is good, because I’m starting to get a bit worn.

Sweet Matts and Chris– kick ass on the Montreal auditions.

New site for you to love: Omar’s Terribly Happy.

And you are reading Fanmail, right?

And I’m spent.

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