still trying to crank it all out

So, I think I might go broke from the Christmas Card exchange. There are more of you this year than last. That’s okay. I asked for it.

I’m still trying to get all of my work done. AOL’s IM is the devil, and I end up spending at least an hour catching up with my friends across the country. Again, I asked for it. I log on to see if they’re there.

I think I saw Backstreet Boy Brian eating some eggs on my morning walk for coffee today. I know, I know. All y’all are jealous. I think I win. I also stood in line behind the girl from Scary Movie, but since I hadn’t seen it, I had nothing to chat with her about. We stared at each other for a while. I thought I knew her from a comedy festival, but then I realized I knew her from trailers. Not a way to start a conversation, really.

My last apartment complex just sent the deposit reimbursement. People, they kept four hundred dollars to clean the kitchen floor and hall bathtub. I’m not kidding. Drip pans and sinks and vent hoods. They keep like, two hundred just for having cats. I hate them.

I was on the phone with Handspring to see if there was any way to keep my data before I hit reset when the entire thing reset and now I have to start all over.

I’ve spent all day trying to write this entry. I can’t even imagine that it makes any sense at this point.

Okay, so now it’s this afternoon. Perhaps it would help if I just wrote down my brain process today. Switching from one thought to the next.

Okay, it’s early enough that I can actually get things done.

I’ll have even more time if I don’t take a shower! Brilliant! I didn’t really get too smelly last night anyway.

I wonder if I still smell like garlic.

Oh, it still takes so long to read through the forum.

Hee. People like the Gilmore Girls recaps. I wonder how many squishy readers are on the mailing list.

Shit! It’s almost noon!

Okay. Sent out email. Now I have to book a flight to Austin for my appearance.

Oh, right. I should mention that on Squishy. That on January 14th I’ll be at the Alamo Drafthouse for a screening of City Hunter. The Austin Cool Girls should like that. And a flight to Austin? I like that.

Ooh. Friends are coming to visit while I’m in Houston this weekend. I hope Mom and Dad like company.

Ooh. Lots of friends are coming for tomorrow. Thanksgiving is the time to share with the people you love, after all!

I should call Mom and Dad. I bet they’re still at work.

I haven’t written an entry yet, have I?

I cannot believe Ray is trying to convince me to go to Tahoe and let a man roll me down a mountain in a giant plastic bubble. I am not a hamster.

Where is all of this cat hair coming from? How is it getting in those corners?

Ow. The sun is in my eye.

Wait. Where on Santa Monica?

I don’t know. I think that address I found for Ricky Martin must be right. He must live next door to me. That’s my destiny. I live in the same neighborhood as Johnny Depp and Ricky Martin. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I wish my friends didn’t scoff when I said that.

Wait. Where on Santa Monica?

I am on the phone while IMing a friend while telling Ray that Tori Spelling has a fake tan in that porn mag he’s reading.

Still no President? At least I know have pregnant chad jokes.

I’ll never be able to read all of the Hollywood Reporter every day even if I schedule it during the day.

I should book my flight for sxsw soon. Since I’m speaking there again. Whee! Another trip to Austin!

The porch needs sweeping.

I wish Cal hadn’t knocked that thing over.

Stupid Handspring died with all of my flight information in it.

Why didn’t I make a backup? Why do I suck?

Oh, people are sending their addresses for the card with such nice email. I wish I could write them all back. Hey! That’s what I can write in their cards! Brilliant!

I hope I finish this thing by deadline.

And the flight is booked.

Oh. Eric bought lunch and now I’m not hungry. Must clean house.

These lattes are going to kill me. Too much caffeine is a bad thing, sometimes.

And… stop! Oprah time!

Okay. I just cleaned the house.

Time to take out trash.

Our trash cage is scary.

That sun is giving me a headache.

Wait. Where on Santa Monica? Is that close?

Oh, I hope our flights are on time tomorrow.

I should call my parents.

I need to go to the bank.

Did I pay that bill? No.

Oh. Man. Why is Christmas now? I have no money.

Taylor sure likes climbing into my lap lately.

I should remember to tell the Squishites about that chair at the restaurant last night. It was in the ladies’ room. Supposedly if you sat on it and it was comfortable, then you were pregnant. I’m happy to report it felt like a spike in my spine. Now, for a second my feet felt better, but I’m assuming it’s because the blood was getting cut off from the incredible sharp pain running down my lower back.

Taylor is the cutest. I had a contest. Taylor won.

Oh, and remember to tell the Squishites that the past two days have been spent organizing Squishy merch. T-shirts should be available very soon. You know, for your stockings.

Yeah! I get to see my friends and family tomorrow!

Oh, I haven’t posted an entry yet.

Allison emailed. Yeah. Time to get my ass in gear.

It’s not cold here. But it’s windy. And I can’t sleep so much. I’m just up at night.

Yesterday I just sat on the bed for like, fifteen minutes. It was quiet. I just sat and let my mind wander. It was very nice. I hadn’t been able to do that for a while. I didn’t even know how much time had passed. I must remember to do that more often.

Shit! It’s already five on the east coast.

I need to look up that address again.

I’ll call my parents in an hour.

The house is much cleaner now. And smells better.

Shh. Cal’s asleep.

Okay. I’ll just write this thing about all the thoughts in my head because I can’t really think of what else to write.

I’m glad sturtle doesn’t think I’m a complete mess.

Oh, the new section. Ray already wrote. Eric seems to have forgotten that he wanted this thing in the first place. That’s okay. I’m sure it’s going to turn into Ray’s section eventually. It was too difficult to set up by blogger anyway.

Ooh! Michelle’s done with her guest entry. I’ll just post it all at once.

Shit! It’s late!

I’ll never get all of this work done.

I’m so happy it’s Thanksgiving.

See y’all in a few days.

Ooh. I just saw on TV that the Backstreet Boys are in NYC right now. Maybe that was one of the *NSYNC boys…

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