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You know how sometimes you just have the strangest day that you wouldn’t believe if you saw it on a movie?

Yesterday Tyson showed up and told us that he had just run into a guy he knew from New York. He was on Sunset. He offered Tyson a job. It’s the same corner of Sunset where we ran into two friends from Austin just the night before. We were on our way to a bar and Eric spotted their car. We caught up over drinks on the porch that night, realizing the strange string of events that caused all of us to be on that corner at that very moment.

But it gets stranger.

Last night we went to see a couple of bands that my friends from Austin are now involved in here. Once we entered the bar it was like we were at Lavaca or something. Easily twenty people in that bar were either from Austin or I had met in Austin through our comedy festival. We drank and danced and generally just had a great time.

The girl staying with us right now is a friend of Ray’s. She happened to go to the same high school in Texarkana as my friend Cody, who moved here last year. They just met for the first time last night.

Cody lives on the same street that Tyson just moved to.

Outside, having a cigarette, a girl walked towards me on the sidewalk that looked incredibly familiar. I hesitantly said her name as she approached. She stopped. “Pam?”

It was a girl that I had done a play with my junior year of high school. In fact, it was one of the two plays that I ever did with Tyson. I ran into the bar to find him and pulled him back out to see her. She, understandably, freaked out, as the three of us hadn’t seen each other in ten years. She asked what we were doing there. I told her that I was good friends with people in the band. There was only one girl in the band that I didn’t know very well. That girl went to high school with the girl from the play. The girl in the band went to college with my friend from my comedy troupe. They all knew each other. We all knew each other. The girl I didn’t know very well? She knew me. She had been to Austin and had seen me perform. There were people in that bar I hadn’t seen in years.

We caught up and shared old names and “Oh My God”s until her boyfriend finally screamed at the top of his lungs. He had had enough. After two hours of names you don’t know and stories you can’t share, I guess it was time for him to go.

But Tara, if you’re reading, Christy says… Oh, shit. What was it? “Freddie Jacobson?” Or something like that.

If this keeps up, I’ll never have to meet anyone from LA ever. Just keep hanging with the relocated Texans.

I have an incredible headache today that just won’t go away. It is fueled by the cold, I think. It’s probably also fueled by the fact that I have an insane amount of anime work to do today.

At some point today go check out Mighty Big TV. The recap that stee and I did of The Miracle Worker should be live. And funny.

For the record I’d just like to point out that every time I’ve left the house since I got here I run into someone I knew in Texas. On some days, when I don’t leave the house, they end up here, anyway.

Now if I can just convince the few remaining people over in Austin to make the big leap, and somehow move New York closer to LA, it’ll be the biggest party ever.

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