A Still Day

despite the puppies

There are dalmatians outside my backyard. All along Sunset they’ve placed inflated puppies on top of the buildings. They loom over the street and threaten to snap off and hit a car at any time. Sad, floaty puppies staring at us, begging to be cut free, wishing they weren’t stuck on enormous leashes. Some puppies smack into each other, bumping butts and having their ears flop around. It’s both sad and hilarious. Disney has taken over my view.

This evening they were deflated. I don’t know if it’s because they’re going to move them to another section of Hollywood, or if they are protecting them from the rain tomorrow. I like to think they’re saving the puppies from getting shot. They really just look like giant targets.

A very strange thing happened around one this afternoon: Eric and I ended up having lunch by ourselves. We took our quiet moment and drove through the hills. I drove to all of the places that I remembered about Hollywood from the times I’ve been here before. I connected the memories and got a better grip on the city around me. By the time I got back home I wasn’t so scared to get back into the car and drive somewhere else. I haven’t done that, of course, but knowing that I can is very comforting.

I spent the afternoon cleaning up around here. Eric and I picked up the last of our things, and realized that we’re just down to a few boxes that have yet to be unpacked. We tried to get the DSL working, but it seems it hasn’t been turned on yet. I can check email but I can’t send it so well. So if you’ve sent me mail over the past week and you’re wondering why I haven’t written back, it’s not that I’m too busy for you, it’s just that I can’t just send a reply so easily. Once the DSL is turned on, I’ll be an emailing fool. Promise.

It’s already November. This year has gone by so quickly. Not when I think about everything that happened this year– when I do that I can’t believe it’s only November. But it seems like I was just in February sometimes. We had so much hype up to the year 2000 that it seems 2001 is coming in quite quietly. I kind of like that. Maybe it won’t be such a beast. A kinder, gentler year. I’d like that.

I’m actually all by myself in the living room, watching ER and working. It’s nice. The living room is clean. I figured out how to shut the living room window, and for the first time in a week I’m not hearing traffic or sirens while I watch television. The heat is on since it’s a bit cold outside. Ray is out with friends. It’s just me, the cats and Eric. It’s starting to feel like a home again.

And the strangest thing has happened to the cats. I haven’t seen them fight once since we got here. They sleep near each other and occasionally clean each other, but mostly keep to themselves. Cal sleeps all over the place and Taylor is constantly climbing into our laps or sleeping near us. He follows me from room to room. He’s never been this affectionate before. I think they might just like it here. Ray has declared himself the cats’ PeePaw and had already made a cabinet of treats for them. They love Ray. Taylor even climbed in Ray’s lap, even though Ray doesn’t trust Taylor yet.

Here’s something I do like about my new place. Right now I’m on my porch, outside. It’s after one in the morning and I can sit outside and work and be online. What I don’t like? I’m near a very busy street, and people drive very fast up our hill to park and right now I can hear people yelling at each other. Sometimes I get a bit paranoid about it and listen to all of the fighting, the sirens, the car horns and I want to curl up like Tom Hanks in Big. I’ve never heard so many car horns before. LA loves to honk at people.

The evening to myself allowed me time to go through my forum, get some much-needed work done, write an entry, watch my mbtv show, get started on my recap stuff, make dinner, clean my house and spend quality time with Eric and the cats. I haven’t had that in a while. I really needed this quiet evening.

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