Testosterone, Estrogen and Growing Pains.

and then a weekend!

Okay. Testosterone.

I haven’t even owned this Honda Civic for a full day and I’m already convinced that every other driver on the road is trying to kill me. They want to hit my new car and scratch it when I park. I’m almost hoping to get that first scratch or dent soon so that I won’t be so ultra paranoid.

I very much enjoy listening to Howard Stern until the commercial, when I pop in a CD. Now I understand why Eric goes out to drive all the time.

It’s amazing how quiet a car can be when you can drive with the windows up. I have my sound booth back.

I am now in much more debt than I was yesterday. My financial officer gave me a pen. That pen is worth thousands of dollars and six signatures.

I said a very teary goodbye to Club Protege yesterday afternoon. While I was adjusting the mirrors and seat belts in the new car, they drove Club Pro away. I didn’t even notice until it was gone. I’ll miss that car.

It is very nice to have working seat belts and mirrors and A/C though.

Bad Mechanic people have decided not to refund my money from the freon fiasco. They will reimburse labor for thirty dollars, but they’re keeping the hundred and twenty other dollars. They said that if I fix the car’s leak and bring it back, they’ll refill it with freon for free. I told them that I had sold the car. They said that they aren’t going to refund the money.

This infuriates me, as it wasn’t even the owner (the one I wrote the letter to with receipts and dates and names) but the worker that told me I’d get a refund that eventually told me they weren’t going to give me any money. If they had told me this two weeks ago when it was still an issue, I would have been able to do something about it. Now Club Pro is gone, and I’ll never get that freon cash back. It’s infuriating. I said to Eric that I’m never going to that garage again. He reminded me that I don’t have to, as I won’t be living in Austin by the time I hit 7500 miles on the new car, and that the warranty has me bring it back to the Honda dealer anyway.

And that made me feel better.

Okay. Estrogen.

Let me tell you something about Allegra-D for those of you non-allergy sufferers. It causes the worst menstrual cramping you’ve ever experienced. Oh, my God. I’m in so much pain. All week. It’s not good, y’all. I’m crabby and wincing and bending over just a bit from the pain. I just want to stay in bed and have someone bring me ice cream and pet my head and call me a pretty princess.

That never happens.

Now. Here’s the thing. After dealing all week with pamie.com problems, it looks like the domain is getting pointed to the new IP this evening. For me this means massive amounts of clean up, moving and re-installation. For you this means the forum will be down starting this afternoon, and hopefully back up tomorrow afternoon. It might be down all weekend, though, if Something Goes Wrong. I’m just one girl, y’all. I’m having to teach myself all of this big important tech stuff.

I’m thinking that I’m going to buy some Ben Folds Five albums this weekend.

Okay. So. New car good. Forum down bad. New server good. Bill from bandwidth issues this week– very very bad.

You don’t have to do this at all, but if you click a couple of banners for me, it would really help out. The bad ones for non chick click sites are better. They open up a new browser, but you can keep that tucked behind the page you’re reading. You don’t have to actually enter the site or anything. Just load it and close. If you can’t, that’s cool, I understand.

Perhaps this would be a good time to go through the archives. You know, in case you’ve only been here for a year or so.

I’m suddenly my own business, here, and it’s really kind of cool and scary at the same time. Like this week, not fun. Waking up one morning and seeing that you are going to owe your web hosting company five hundred dollars because people are going to your page– you’re like, “Well, cool. But, damn. That’s a lot of money.” The new site is supposed to prevent this from happening, but again, I’m a fucking drama major, people. I write ha-ha pages and one-person shows and anime scripts. I don’t know anything about business plans and projected revenue and forecasting expenses. I wake up and go, “Oh, shit. Why didn’t I see that coming? How do I fix that?” And then the next thing I know I’m learning about configuration files and telnetting into servers to create users and passwords and ftp quotas and all of this stuff I never dreamed I’d have to know.

Okay, I’m off to move UBB from one server to the other. Do you know how many steps that process is? Let’s see, I printed it out… Twenty-nine. A twenty-nine step process. Involving things like chmod and tar. If those words sound like an insult and a cigarette additive to you, then you’re not helping.

Oh, man. A whole day without the forum. I can already hear the “But I was almost a whore!” screams from here.

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