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We got a call last week from Eric’s best friend. He lives in Pittsburgh, and we don’t get to see him very often. We both love him fiercely, and were quite happy to hear his voice.

He’s getting married.

This is Eric’s best friend. His cool guy friend. His “we had some crazy times” friend. And now, he’s getting married.

It really couldn’t happen to a nicer person. But to hear his voice on the voicemail, telling us how happy he is and how wonderful this woman is that he can’t wait for us to meet, to hear just how incredibly lucky and excited and shocked he himself is to be feeling these things and making these plans and to have him say he just wanted to share all of this with us…

I cried. Listening to his message. Hearing that sound in his voice, that sound of “I found someone who I love with every part of me.” Like finding the answer to a question he’s been asking for so long. To hear that sense of peace and joy. It was really touching.

But I think it’s throwing Eric for a loop. To hear his biggest bachelor friend is so crazy in love that he’s getting married– I think it’s caught Eric off-guard. You have this image of your friends, sometimes, where they’re always going to be the crazy one or the drunk one, or the single one, or the married one, and they have these niches that they fill in your life. That if you end up crazy, you’ve got that buddy to hang with. If you get married, you’ve got these couple friends that love you. But what happens when your single-guy-stud-boy security blanket is gone? Does that mean you were wrong about him, or does it mean that you’re not following The Way Things Work?

You know how you ask people about the one they married and how the decided it was time to get married, and they always just get all wistful and say, “You just know?” Why are they unable

We’re thinking of giving them Cal as a wedding present. It’ll bring them closer together– having a common enemy.

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