i’m so excited

Originally I was going to write my piece on the MTV video awards nominations. That will have to wait until Tuesday. I’ve sorta run out of time. I still have to pack. I still have some work on the anime show.

I have a photographer coming here in an hour to take pictures of me for that article.

My house is never clean enough. I’m hoping I can convince him to take my picture in a corner of my room.

I miss Eric.

My Young Americans recap is up. That’s lots of pamie reading, there.

Because I’m ridiculous, and because a week ago I didn’t realize this would run the day Napster was shut down, my Webhead is about how to make a good mix CD. All apologies to High Fidelity.

A/C update: Turns out that the “mechanic” is also the manager of the store. I went to the garage yesterday and spoke to two very friendly employees. They took a look at my car, told me where to take it for repair, gave me copies of my receipt, names and addresses and told me that if I don’t hear from the owners in a week to call again so they make sure I get my money back. They also ended with, “I hope we didn’t lose your service.” Apparently I’m not the only person this “mechanic” spoke to in this fashion.

My favorite thing about working from home is the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen. I never make myself coffee otherwise.

My hair is still wet and the photographer will be here any minute.

I’m taking a little vacation this weekend, with the Weezer and all. I’m also going to try and stay away from this computer. No e-mail and such. I want to rest my wrist.

But to do that, I’ve got a lot of work to do around here first. So, pretend my MBTV recap is an entry.

Okay. I’ve got some work to do.

Did I mention that Monday I’m on a plane or in an airport for fourteen hours? Yeah, you don’t want to be me.

See you Tuesday.

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