Like Sixteen Candles

but without jake ryan

How lame is this webpage’s birthday week? Seriously. Last year it was all fun and games, and this year I’m all, “My cat’s big. I’m busy. Do some work for me.”

The good news is I can safely announce one winner of one of the contests. By an overwhelming vote I won the entry design contest. So many of you wrote to ask me to not change the design that I’m going to say that the people have spoken. So, the one design that was sent in (you know who you are) will get a special one-day-only entry when I get back.

Get back? Yeah. I leave for out of town again tonight. Going to Eric’s family’s reunion. And starting off his birthday week as well.

Why are there so many Gemini in my life?

Plane time will be spent going through the submitted fake entries and setting up the space for the splash page contest. I might have you guys vote the entries, since the design contest sort of fell to the side. But I’m pretty happy you like things the way they are. (Although I might take Beth’s suggestion of putting a splash page graphic at the top of the entry)

I am so miserably overworked right now that I don’t have time for this page. I wish I did. Oh, if you missed it, my Get Real recap went up. There’s only one left. I know you’re cryin’.

The rest of my waking moments have been spent thinking about this. Yeah, that’s like in a week, kids. I’m so worried. I had all of these plans for a new show, and then I went out of town all the time and had projects and work-work and the next thing I know I’m doing another one person show. So, I think this one will mostly be stuff from the last show (in case you missed it, you get to see it this time) with some new stuff thrown in just to see how it goes. I’m excited about seeing The Hideout, as it’s the newest theatre space… until the Bad Dog opens up (right, Jon?). Oh, and if you’re listening to the radio on your way home in July and you hear a girl screaming with orgasms and laughter… don’t tell my mom, okay? It’s just a radio commercial. There’s no way she’ll hear it in Houston if you all just keep quiet about it, all right? But seriously, let me know if you hear it.

Okay, I’m back to work. I’m going on vacation until Tuesday. So, since I’ll be gone tomorrow, which is the actual Birthday of Squishy, would you guys mind having a little celebration without me? I’ll be on a plane.

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