I'm lame.

“you call this a birthday week?”

Remember last year when Birthday Week was all festive and wonderful? Yeah, I’m sorry. This week it’s just not fitting into the massive amounts of work and stuff in my life. This means that the Birthday Week contest is going to be extended for an extra day, as I don’t think I’ll have time to round up the entries for voting until tomorrow. So, there you go. You get an extra day, if you still want to enter.

Friday afternoon I ended up having to go to the doctor. I went in thinking I had a bad stomach ache. Turns out I’m having some “girlie problems.” (Ladies, schedule that annual. Just a little Squishy PSA.) Here’s how big of a dork I am: the doctor leaves the room so I can get all situated. As I take off my pants, place the paper square over my lap and ease into the stirrups, all I can think is, “Oh, I hope my feet don’t smell.”

And then I laughed at myself for five minutes.

Saturday I was shooting my scenes for a movie that’s filming in town. I went straight from there to the Violent Femmes show. Straight from there to The Toasters show. Then we weren’t done a-dancin’, so we went to a club. I’m still paying for the five hours of dancing. My calves are violently angry. They are beyond pissy. They are livid.

So angry, they almost didn’t let me laze around the house yesterday until we went and played video games for three hours. (I did actually get some work done in between that, though. I’m not a big liar. I really am busy.)

Anyway, there’s a Technopolis up from last week, if you wanna read that. I swear, I don’t come up with those titles.

Okay, I’m diving back into my workload. Hope you had a good weekend.

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