Birthday Week Contest Entries

You make the call

I’m using Jesse’s CSS here (I like it, don’t you?). You can thank him for keeping it the same as it ever was.

The family reunion went very well. Aside from it being the worst weekend ever for travel, everyone eventually got into town and we had a great weekend.

Now I’m just spending my days freaking out. If it’s any consolation, I’ve got a good excuse for this week:

  • At work we are right at the final stretch of a web redesign. I’m having to put in late hours and constant projects.
  • My one person show opens Friday. We tech Thursday night. Since I’ve been either at work or out of town for the past two weeks, I’m basically having to do some serious crunch-time on it, so I don’t suck. I’m hoping that I don’t suck. Like really hoping I don’t suck. Everyone says I won’t. How come they’re so sure?
  • Eric has come down with a cold from all of the travel and thunderstorms.
  • It’s his birthday week.
  • We are still making jokes about Cal being so large that we have to carry him around in a laundry basket and he has to wash himself with a rag on a stick.
  • I have an anime script to do before I go to my cousin’s wedding in three weeks. Since I’ve also got another Get Real episode to recap and, oh, you know, the one person show and all, I’m finding my home time to be quite precious and filled with insane amounts of work.
  • I declared a Birthday Week contest because I’m stupid and forgot how much time it would take up.
  • I’m working on a new site to launch as well, and I forgot how much time it takes to set up domains and web hosting and all of that crap.
  • Remember how I had discussed getting paid for writing Squishy? I’m still working on that. Contracts and stuff take time as well.
  • Father’s day– went to Houston.
  • Birthday Week– so much work it’s worth mentioning twice.

So, instead of more excuses, I’m finally posting the nominees for Squishy Splash page. Send your votes in on which one is your favorite. I’ll give it one week, and next Wednesday I’ll post the winner.

the nominees…

and a monty pythonesque splash page/design scheme


I’m still reading through the entry submissions. I got more than I bargained for there. Since so many entered, I’m thinking I’ll post the best five or so and then declare one winner.

I’m sorry. I swear that I’m thinking about this page. I don’t know if it’s better to not say anything or to come here and give you my list of reasons that this page has been so neglected. I think you’d at least want to know why I’m not around and how I’m not just intentionally ignoring it.


I’ve been working on my Manson Lamps. What do you think?

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