Cough, Sneeze, Phlegm.

but i had a good weekend.

Last year I got Eric a half-day driving class at the Texas Motor Speedway for his birthday. This weekend he finally cashed it in. We stayed at the Texas Motor Condo, which made us feel much more like Rock Stars than anything else. Eric hardly slept.

Okay. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was scared, yes, but watching it from way up on the ninth floor of the condos made it seem like the cars were going slower than they were (but the fact that we were timing Eric’s laps and shouting when he hit 150 MPH didn’t keep that illusion for long).

It was just wonderful seeing him so happy.

I had all sorts of things I was going to say about the weekend, but before Eric and I had driven back from Fort Worth, both of us were Officially Sick. He’s doing better than I am right now. I’m working at home, and feeling generally like poo.

You know you’re in Waco when you’re sitting at a Wendy’s and on one side of you there’s Jeffrey Dahmer’s doppleganger, and on the other side three children are kicking off the third verse of “Jesus Loves Me.”

We started discussing the pros and cons of parenthood, and I think somehow they had heard us, or they ran our plates or something. All I know is that suddenly we were being watched. We walked out to the car (“quickly and with determination”) and suddenly all of these people started walking across the parking lot, staring at us. Each one of them were carrying a child on their hip. They’d just hold the baby and stare. We got in the car and I asked, “What did we do?” and Eric said, “I don’t know, but I’m getting out of here as soon as possible.”

“Why is it so creepy around here?”

People were staring as we pulled out. As we pulled into the gas station next door, the people at the pumps stared at us as we discussed cleaning the trash out of the car.

At the stop light, a car of five boys stared inside my window.

I’m never going back to Waco. It gave me the creeps, man.

I went to Whole Foods a couple of hours ago and bought everything beginning with the letter “C.” I’m going to keep popping this medicine until my throat stops hurting.The funny thing is, I should have seen this coming.

I’m visiting my relatives on Wednesday. I haven’t gone up there in fourteen years.

When I was a kid, every time I went to see relatives I’d get there and immediately get sick. Tonsilitis, Strep, Ear infections– every single time.

So what happens two days before I’m on the plane? Yep. I’m sick. Throat hurts. My mom’s gonna freak.

I’m taking care of myself.

In fact, I’m gonna go do some of that self-pampering right now.

Earlier today the phone rang and Cal leaped from the ground and knocked the phone off the table so that it would answer. I’m wondering if I could also get him to run me a bath.

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