Thursdays Are Killing Me

thursdays are killing me

it’s time for the friday link-a-lot

So, I open the Austin Chronicle yesterday afternoon, and who do I see but Paul and Andy. I’ve never seen Andy with a mohawk before. Well, if you’re gonna do an article on nudity in Austin theatre, you’d better call Andy. I’m just sayin’.

I’m exhausted. I was up until four last night working on the final Get Real recap, so go read it because it’s funny.

If you’re a bigger fan of Webhead, I’ve got a new one of those, too.

Pamie’s Callboard

And…uh… I wrote a whole recap last night. Yeah, I’m pretty lame. I know.

I’m tired and someone just brought me a sandwich. You’ll have to wait until Monday. Have a good weekend for me, wouldja? I’m in auditions and classes all weekend.

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