Hello! Cal Tour!


Mrr! Mirr! RIRIRIR!

I am here to give tour of house! Give you Cal tour! Things I see! Things I do!

Rrrri IIIH!

Let’s go!

Before we go all crazy around here I say hi! I am Cal! Cal! Me Cal! What’s over there?

Everything good.

This is the best spot to hide things. It’s right under the living room futon! Other Mew and Tall Mew never look here!


One time I hid a piece of chewed up gum there for three weeks! I sneaky!

I Cal!

Quick! Look! Taylor!

oh. too late. he’s on the move.

This is another good place to hide things. Look at all the scrunchies under this tall thing. I like to knock over these colory boxes, too.

One time I put a French Fry under there for a full month. Nummy!

Quick! Look! Taylor!

oh.he’s eating.

This is the messy room! Things for me to jump in!

Lots of shoes! Smell like feet! Huzzah!

this is while i’m jumping! i jump fast!

Now is the time on Cal’s tour where I show you lots of pictures of me!

And now, my friends, I shall show you my finest move.

The ottoman jump. Yes! I can jump from floor to ottoman to chair to head!

Very fast! Very fast me!

I am Cal!

I love you!

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