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i ran out of time

I completely ran out of time today. I’m sure most of you were celebrating your happy three-day weekend, but not me. I worked. I worked for so long that I completely ran out of time to post an entertaining entry. So, I offer this instead:

New Get Real recap posted. I think it’s funny. But then again, I wrote it.

I spent a bit of today trying to get my iBook loaded with its new toys. Here’s the only successful photo from this time period:

Note slightly amused and doubtful expression. And for some reason, I’m green.Hopefully I’ll be able to post pictures of Cal and Taylor soon. I know that’s what you’ve all been waiting for with bated breath: cat pictures. Jesus, I’m turning into an official Internet Strange Lady. That’s not what I wanted.

I don’t really have that much to talk about today, since I’ve been pretty busy working. Yeah, yeah, whatever, I know. Boo, hiss. But you’ll like the Get Real, honest.

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