i try new software and bore you to tears

That’s me wearing my Melty shirt.

I’m trying out new web software today. I’ll go back to normal tomorrow, I swear.

I also created a slide show of my office view. How boring is that?

I’m just tying to use all of the things I’ve been learning this week. Sorry that they aren’t more entertaining.

Oh, by the way, I officially can’t stand the radio anymore. On one station Mark Anthony was serenading me yet again. Sugar Ray was “performing” on Howard Stern. On another they were discussing the new movies coming out this weekend. The guy actually said: “And Angela’s Ashes is coming out this weekend. Now, there aren’t really any big actors in this one, but the guy that wrote it is our DJ’s friend’s old roommate, so that’s kinda cool.”

And he won a friggin’ Pulitzer, you idiot. And how about the Academy Award Nominee in the thing, huh? He then went on to say that My Dog Skip is the must-see because that kid who plays Malcolm is in it.

I vowed to make sixteen cassette tapes this weekend so I never have to listen to the radio again.

Last night Eric and I were waiting at a stop light when he pointed at the car in front of us. “Didn’t you use to date him?” he asked.

I looked at the car in front. The trunk had a KMFDM sticker and a Nine Inch Nails sticker. It also had a KGSR sticker. That’s an adult contemporary radio station with a playlist that goes “Beatles, Robert Earl Keen, Lyle Lovett, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rolling Stones, Lyle Lovett, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Van Morrison, Van Morrison, Austin band, Austin band, Austin band, ‘Sunny Came Home,’ Lyle Lovett.” Ever since Eric let me know that someone called it “K-geezer” once I haven’t looked back. Eric loves that station. I’d rather fall into a coma.

Eric said, “And he’s even got glasses. You love boys with the glasses, don’t you?”

“Well, that K-geezer sticker is ruining everything.”

“That’s what I can’t figure out. Right next to the Nine Inch Nails sticker.”

“Well, baby, he’s a riddle wrapped inside an enigma trapped inside a downward spiral.”

“Hey, you got your Funny back!”



Two Statesman articles today. Gosh, darn. And a brand new Get Real. Plus this cracks me up. I can hear the strains of Yakov now.

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