and I update some sagas.

The Cranium Saga Continues

Kymm can try and say she wasn’t a part of it, but I know better.

And Patrick can try and weasel his way out as well, but just so you know he also sent me another e-mail last night that said, “You smell and I bet you pick your nose.”

But I just want you guys to know that people are watching. Watch out, Patrick and Kymm (and the rest of you know who you are…), I’ve got the Cranium guys on my side.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Check out my “21 Jump Street” Reunion over at Fametracker.

We beat Resident Evil 3 last night. Time to go back to Silent Hill, I think.

A giant box arrived for me last night. Since it said “Pamie” instead of “Pamela” I know it wasn’t something I ordered. Since it wasn’t ticking, it currently sits under the Christmas Tree. I’m still itching to open it. Thank you to whomever sent it.

Okay, now for the New Thing That Pamie Has Taken On That Will Take Up More Time In Her Life That She’s Always Claiming She Doesn’t Have:

I had pitched an idea for a multimedia class to the Austin Children’s Museum about a month ago. They contacted me and said they were interested and would like to hear what I have to say. Yesterday we had the meeting and I pitched my idea. They loved it. In April I’m going to be teaching a class to their Teen Multimedia group. Guess what I’m teaching? How to make an online journal. Here’s the problem. I need a snappy title for the class. It will meet for five Sundays, and I’ll be teaching basic HTML and then tell them all of the different types of journals they could make (poetry, gaming, gardening, writing, music, photography, drawings, etc.). We’ll spend one day looking at other sites and getting ideas. I need a name that’s going to make them ask their parents if they can sign up. Any suggestions? If you also know of great journals or web rings that I can sign them up to, that would be great. I’ve also got to find a way to move their sites to a free site where they can continue updating when the class is over if they choose. I’d rather not use Geocities.

I’ve never taught before, so I’m a bit nervous.

The good news is I’ve got plenty of time to figure out what I want to do with the class and what materials I’ll need. I’m not so worried that it won’t be interesting, but more how to explain how cool online journals are without sending them to the raunchy potty-mouthed sites that I love to read. I mean, they can’t read MINE!

Anyway, that’s the good news of the day. I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. I can’t wait to make little Eleanors and Beths and especially little Stees. Whee!

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