the cat made me grumpy

I woke up this morning to the sound of Cal running from the front door to the bedroom window over and over and over. It’s this galloping noise that cannot be ignored. Sometimes he’d stop and attack Taylor, who would make these screeching noises. I put Cal in the bathroom so I could get ten more minutes of sleep, but he just kept howling. Eric got up and let him out but then the shower kept me up. Then a car horn went off over and over outside. If you’re picking someone up and they don’t come out on the third horn, try knocking. Thanks.

Eric ended his shower as Cal was in his tenth lap and the alarm kicked in and was blaring in my ear. “I think I’m supposed to get up,” I mumbled to Eric. He just laughed.

But that’s sort of been my whole day. I’m a bit grumpy and I’m looking over my day planner at the things I have to get done today and it’s a bit overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that I’d rather just sit back and listen to the wonderful thinks Kymm has to say about my play instead.

I’m gonna go get some coffee.

Maybe later my Ally recap will be up at Mighty Big TV.

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