my tummy and my head

Matt Sadler, of Natch fame, won last night’s Open Audition for Aspen. He’s going to Los Angeles next month to compete in another finalist round. How cool is that?

And in a few hours, I’m going up to do my one person show. For an audition-type thing. Last night everyone was drinking and laughing because the sketch was over, the stand up was over, people were chosen and they were ready to party. I’m the only one left with more work to do. Me, and my friends Andy and Leon who have a show tonight as well. I wanted to party, but I knew I had to keep my voice. Today I’m sleepy, but nervous. I won’t be eating.

You know the problem with a one person show? There’s no one to bug with questions.

I think I’m meeting some journallers this afternoon. They will win for “Farthest Travelled to See Pamie Perform.”

What does it mean when you have a dream where you were going to get into some sort of threesome with two very cute boys but then one boy’s mom shows up and she separates all three of you into three different rooms and you get pissed and leave and when you decide to turn back around to get the other two and get some food you get attacked by a gang of white boys with knives and hooded sweatshirts and they beat you and leave you?

I think it means I need a vacation. My brain won’t even let me have nice dreams without making me feel guilty and scared. That’s sad.

Okay. That’s it. I’ve got to get to work and then go stress about my show all day.

That takes time, you know.

My childhood cat Nutso died five years ago today. I think it’s a good sign that the show is on the same day. Like he’s still looking out for me or something.

Have a good weekend.

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