strange and tragic

what do you blame when you’re done blaming el nino?

Eric met a person whose name rhymes with Mr. Bigglesworth.  This has caused me to giggle constantly for several hours now.  Can you imagine?  I heard another guy on the radio named Jeffrey Dahmer.  You know the first time he heard about Dahmer on the news he was like, “No, no, NO!  Not a serial killer!  Why a serial killer?  Oh, man!  No!”

I was watching the Game Show Network last night and I saw a show called Inquizition.  It’s like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” in the fact that it’s rapid fire questions and you have to get the most correct in a time limit and it’s an elimination game.  The host only shows the back of his head and he’s got on a bad wig and from what I can tell his job is to read the questions and ridicule the contestants with incorrect answers.  I was calling it “Asshole Professor.”  After each round they sound a gong and someone has to walk away from the podium.  And there’s no happy music or “We’ll be right back with round three or anything.”  The Asshole Professor just says, “Goodbye.”  And as the person walks off the screen fades to white and they go to commercial.  It was pretty intense.  Eric and I watched it and couldn’t wait to see what the prize was, since they had gone through ridicule and pressure for thirty minutes.  The winner had her “papers” in front of her and was “dismissed.”  After she walked off a voice-over said that she had won two hundred and fifty dollars. That’s it.  All that for $250.  What’s the point?  She won nothing!  I’d be so angry.  I’ll have to watch it again to see if the prize amount varies.  Maybe some days they actually give prizes.  That’d be fun.  You go through all of that and then you aren’t sure what you’re going to win.  How very Let’s Make a Deal.

My ankle is better, which is good, as I have a show tonight.  It’s just a little sore on the underside of my foot, but I’m not even using the bandage anymore.  Let’s hope tonight goes well.

No word on my dog.

And to everyone on the East Coast, I’m sending you warm, dry wishes and hope that you and your loved ones are safe.  To everyone in Fort Worth, I hope that this tragedy has not taken someone close to you.  To my Hong Kong readers, I hope that you are all safe as well.

Sorry this is so short.  I’ve got a rather busy day today.  But Stee is back, so go catch up with him.

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