grumble. is wasting our time

It’s 83 degrees outside and people are actually complaining that it’s too cold.  Texans.

I don’t even want to write this entry because I know as soon as I do my site will go down again and then no one will be able to read it all day long.  This has been a very frustrating week for Squishy.  My pages keep disappearing from my server.  Luckily I have everything saved on my machine, but it’s really frustrating.  If I had been using their GUI interface instead of FTP I would have lost all of my stuff.

Thanks for sending me mail letting me know when you were having problems.  Some of them I might not have noticed if you hadn’t.

I’m tired.  It’s starting to hit me.  I don’t feel funny, I don’t feel perky.  I’m just tired.  I perform for the next ten days straight.  Not just one show, either.  Four different shows.  There are rehearsals in there as well.  Somehow I’ve got to get the next Get Real up and running for MBTV as well.  I can do it!  I can do it!  I’ve just got to believe!  I’ve just got to–

Wow.  That just gave me a flashback.  When I was about ten or so I took my younger sister to see the Care Bears Movie.  Towards the end of the film there’s a Peter Pan like scene where the Care Bears tell us that a little boy “might not wake up” unless we show him we care by shouting at the screen “I Care!  I Care!”  Here I was sitting with tons of little kids all crying and screaming their love and devotion towards the screen as my little sister looked up at me and said, “This is so stupid.  That bear knows how to save him.  He just wants us to do all his work.”

Nothing ever gets by her, I tell you.

Hey, do you think I could be reminded again that it’s “Saturday Night Live’s” 25th anniversary?  My golly, it’s on Comedy Central, VH-1, the Today show, MTV, Howard Stern, Best Buy, HBO Comedy– I got it.  I’ll try and watch the show on Sunday, okay?  Fine.   I’ll do my part to promote as well.  Darnit, I want to be on SNL someday, too.

This site is up.. .the site is down.

Forget it.  I just hope everything is working by Monday.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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