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just to say where i’ve been

Just a few minutes to tell you that Squishy is going to be a bit sporadic this week. I started the new job and we moved into our theatre for Polaroid Stories. I’m pretty much going from seven in the morning to almost midnight.

Hopefully in a week all will be a little bit back to normal. Oh, and my internet connection has gone down at home– seems to be a problem with my modem, so it could still be a bit longer while I get all of that taken care of. Until then, I’ll just try and send a few notes off here and there in these early morning minutes when I first get to work.

I got to see my mom for her birthday. That was nice. I spent some time with my family.

And I bluffed my dad in a card game. That was pretty cool. If you get a chance to do that, I highly recommend it. This is the man who convinced me that the reflective bumps on the road were so that blind people could drive. This is the man that convinced me that landsharks were swimming down a major road in Palm Springs, killing shoppers. This is the man who told my sister that Dalmatians with fewer spots weren’t as good because the number of spots on a Dalmatian signifies how long the dog is to live.

If you can bluff that man out of forty-five cents, you feel pretty good afterwards.

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