click– quick little note — click, click click, click running out of time…

I came to work this morning and found out that my machine is being moved today.  Today, as in a few hours. I’ve spent all morning trying to save the files and e-mail that I want to keep.

Thus, no time for a real entry today.

Which I think, in the long run, is a good thing, since whenever I stop to think I think about Lillith.  My friend Ali framed a picture of her.  I found it on my desk this morning.  She’s looking at me now, Lillith is, with that “I’m hungry” look.  She’s all fat and healthy in that picture.  It’s nice to have her looking at me.

Oh, there I go again.  I’ve got to stop.  I keep breaking up in tears at work (smaller tears, but still) and people are starting to think that I’m crying because I’m leaving this place in a week.

I’ve got to get back to saving things to disk.


See you tomorrow.

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