quick one

we were all feeling a bit grimy

I woke up feeling a little worn and tattered.  We quickly went to eat at the Court of Two Sisters, where we had a wonderful brunch and sat in the shade and listened to jazz music.  I started to feel a bit more like myself.  We did more walking and watched some of the street performers do their thing.  We shopped at the market, where we scored on souvenirs.  I noticed that we weren’t hit up for money so much anymore.   Kevin and Charlotte got pretty tired, so they headed back.  Eric and I walked around some more.  We found a costume shop, where I tried on a short wig.  It was a burgundy color.  Eric and I both liked it a lot.  We thought about buying it, but mostly just decided that if I had to cut and color my hair for Polaroid Stories, I’d see what they thought about burgundy.  Someone stopped us on the street to ask if we were from New Orleans.  I liked that we were starting to look like locals.  We walked around and ate a little and then took a cab back.  We went to dinner and we all decided that we were a little worn and tired of walking around.  We got some beer, bought some cards and sat on the balcony and played cards all night.   For some reason, I won many hands.  It must be the gris-gris I bought Kevin that jinxed him.

“Lawrdy, it’s hot.”  I looked over at Kevin.  He was covered in sweat.

It was time to get some sleep.  We had an early morning the next day.

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