Weekend Recap

and an open letter to Mike Myers

Dear Mike Myers,

Thank you so much for making the sequel to Austin Powers every bit as much fun as the first one.  I laughed so much I didn’t even mind Fat Bastard, nor the fact that my loud, obnoxious laughing made the people behind me put a large glob of blue gum in my hair.  Even when Eric had to cut the piece of gum out of my head when I found it two hours later I just thought of Mini Me and everything was fine.  I went in thinking that I wasn’t going to like it and it was going to be a bunch of the same jokes, but you kept me surprised and peeing my pants.


So, if you haven’t seen it, go see Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me immediately.  Very funny stuff.  I thought maybe it was going to be all about Austin, but once again I got to see so much of Dr. Evil.  He really is the better character, and I like that they keep all of his funny stuff out of the trailers so you get to be surprised.  I’m not even putting in any spoilers.

What a long weekend.  It was a long, full weekend.  Friday night I got to see some old friends that I hadn’t seen since high school.  It was nice to pick up where we left off, gossip about everyone we knew and then talk about ourselves.  It was comforting that they didn’t look any older, as high school seems like forever ago, but we all look pretty much the same.  A couple of them are coming to see my show in Houston this weekend, so I’m really excited that we all get to see each other again.

After they left the rest of us played poker until six in the morning.  We got up the next morning and went to the lake to swim.  Becca brought her water float that has the words “Fun Island” printed on the side.  It’s rather large, and when you get on top of it you feel sort of above everything.  Eric got on top and saw another float a few yards away.  It had the name “Explorer” on the side.

“Explorer!” Eric shouted, “Prepare to be attacked!  Launching missles!”

The people on the Explorer did not find this to be as funny, and Martinique had to go over and explain what a pirate was to them.

Despite all of my attempts at sunscreen, I still got a bit of a sunburn out at the lake.  We went and saw Austin Powers, came home and showered, and by the time I got to the show I was feeling exhausted and nauseous.  I kept quiet for the first two hours, and once it was time for me to perform I just decided that I was going to do the best I could.  Apparently all I needed was a good sweat because fifteen minutes in I felt fine and we had a weekend of good shows.

Saturday night was spent welcoming back Chuy and Cathy after their vacation to Cancun.  They brought Eric a Tiny Wooden Cancun Hand and a Tiny Wicker Sombrero, so the Tiny Wooden Hand did the Mexican Hat Dance, and for some reason Eric kept saying, “Uno, Dos, Tres, Gato.”  (My Spanish spelling leaves something to be desired…)

Later, when the others were playing poker, Chuy, Chris and I spent three hours making fun of Will Smith and the frightening “Daddy loves you!  Daddy loves you!” at the end of “Just the Two of Us.”  We started remixing other seventies songs changed to be about films that remake television shows that he now stars in.  Talk about a difficult task off the top of your head.  Ever try to make a song about “Three’s Company” to the tune of “Boogie Nights?”

Sunday I spent all day in rehearsal putting the final touches on our Houston show.  It looks pretty good.  I’m happy with it.

I also put the final “press release” touches on my one person show.  Did you think I wasn’t working on it?  I’m pretty happy with the way it’s coming along.  Eric is going to direct it.  It goes up in July.  The hardest part is rehearsals.  I feel like an idiot talking in a room for forty-five minutes to Eric.  Not that he doesn’t hear me babble all the time anyway, but it’s weird to talk about things he already knows and pretend he’s a total stranger.  In any event, I’m not so scared of the show anymore now that I have structure and a title and a beginning and an end.  Now I just have to remember everything I want to say in the order that I want to say it.  I’ve got just under four weeks.  Time to put my smack down.

Birthday week is rolling along.  I got all sort of presents over the weekend.

Check out the e-cards:  from Laura and from Christey.  (see them now before they expire…)

Matt and Becca gave me a card.

And in honor of Matt and Becca, I decided to share a Monks picture with you:

Here we are at the HBO Workspace in L.A.

It was just two hours before our performance.

Here’s your trivia for today.

Guess which Monk is which?

Here are your names:

Matt, Marc, Joseph, Summer, Cody, Becca, Tim, David, Pam, Andy

“I know!  I know!”

want some help?  maybe you should check out the monks site…

(answer posted tomorrow…)

“maybe if they put more gum in your hair you could have been skinhead girl.”

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