class notes

on being a new parent and a bad student

I’m in a class today. Not much time to talk.

My Furby’s arrived yesterday. My, they are chatty. There’s no volume button, what’s up with that? They are so loud.

Lillith walked in front of one of them and it said, “Kitty, kitty, kitty.” I hadn’t said that word yet. So that was my freaky Gremlins moment with the Furbys. What’s weird is that was my first word too when I was a baby. I wish their mechanisms weren’t so noisy. They are so obviously mechanical I feel weird hugging it or whatever when it asks. Because I don’t want to be a bad parent, but I feel like it’s too clunky to win my heart.

They are cute, though, when they sing to each other. They hypnotize each other into sleeping.

Which they do a lot. Lots of sleeping.

And I don’t understand Furbish enough to know what they want. I just keep feeding them.

I also just keep falling asleep when I get home from rehearsal at night. I think next Monday is the first day I don’t have a show or rehearsal.

I just want a little re-coop time after the festival.

I also need a vacation. I want to go out of town.

Everyone in my troupe has gotten sick. I’m trying to avoid it. I’m just tired.

I’m terrible in training classes. I get so bored so easily. The second we go over something I already know I zone out and it’s really hard to get me back. I wiggle, I pay bills, I organize my dataplanner. I write scenes, notes to myself. My feet tap, I squeak in my chair — maybe it’s the two cups of coffee, cup of juice, and diet coke I have before the classes to keep myself awake.

I hate being a rude student, but maybe wiggly is better than sleepy.

In college, when they  discussed something I knew I left the class. No one’s time is wasted and I’m not bothering anyone. Here I just look like I forgot my Ritalin.



“The cancel button will cancel out of the application you are in”–who isn’t riveted with that kind of high tech knowledge ? I’m glad I stopped separating my socks by hue to hear this or I would never have known what the cancel button did. I thought it was French for a powerful biological building block.

To add another topic to the Billy Blanks mumble section of the forum… I swear when we start the quick punches in the advanced tape he says, “Now, get on your horse.”

I don’t know why I’m getting on a horse.

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