slacker poetry

haikus for the machine


It’s so early out.
Day two of new schedule.
My eyes and spleen hurt.

Play my music loud.
It is cloudy and rainy.
Sorry, Morrissey.

Morrissey just yelled
at me for being too glum.
What’s his big problem?


Time flies not at eight.
When you come in so early.
Coffee no help here.

Radiohead.  Yeah.
Lull me into false safety.
Is that a knife there?

So much work to do.
Did Mighty Kymm update yet?
Now what should I do?

Right.  I should go work.
I have a big list of work.
Time for more coffee.

Now.  The list of work.
Someone is laughing next door.
I will find out why.

Yes, back to work, now.
I have no time for fun and–
Phone call from Eric.

Eric made me laugh.  Ha.
He is so funny.  I should
write him an e-mail.

I just Xeroxed my
face and now I think I shall
fax it to Eric.

Where are all my pens?
Office supply closet time!
Serenity, now!

I spent five minutes
staring at the photo of
us at Alcatraz.

I just put in my
vacation requests for the
next seventeen months.

Oh, man.  I’ll never
finish this big pile of work.
They work me too hard.

Do they think I’m a
robot who can just finish
this huge pile of work?

Forget it.  I’m not
doing all of this work now.
Tomorrow is good.

Tomorrow I can
do the whole pile of work
Just come in early.

Since I’m coming in
early tomorrow I should
just go and leave now.

It’s good I’m going
home so early because there’s
lots of things to do.

I have that laundry
and the house is a big mess.
Did I feed the cats?

Tomorrow, do that
big pile of work that’s like a
monkey on my back.

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