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So, I got web space. Hopefully the entire site will be moved in a week. How cool would that be? Then I have to get all of you to change your links… That should be interesting…

This has to be short and sweet today, as I have so much work to do on the show and ftp’ing the crap out of Squishy…

Last night Eric and I went grocery shopping. I’ve always thought that grocery shopping in a couple was sort of romantic and oh-look-we-have-a-life-together. Last night it was raining. Storming. I’ve always thought that running with a partner in the rain was sort of romantic and oh-look-we-are-wet-and-chilly-and-in-love.

But last night as I watched the rain soak our box of laundry detergent, and Eric ran through a puddle so big that my shoes got soaked down into my socks and my hair was in my face and we were trying to fit all the groceries in the back seat because I have electronics in my trunk, I thought about this. Was it romantic? Was it just sad? Were we going to get the flu?

And as I slipped into the front seat and the rain was coming down on the windshield and I looked over to him and he smiled at me I thought– Yeah. It’s still sort of romantic. I wonder if he thinks this is romantic. Look how the rain is dripping off the front of his nose. That’s so cute. I wish everything could just stop for a second. That this moment could freeze in time and we could really, truly enjoy it. I want to kiss him. I want him to put his arm around me and ask if I’m okay. I wish that we were about to go on a big road trip. I wonder what he’s thinking. Is he realizing how romantic and wonderful this is? How much in love we are? How much this moment means to me? I’ll ask him.

“Do you think we–”

“Jesus H. Christ, it’s fucking raining out there, isn’t it? Fuck. I’m all wet. You’re all wet. Everything’s all wet. Man!”

Yeah, he’s thinking the same thing, too. I love him.

Here’s a tip: when you don’t ask them what they are thinking, you get to fill it in with whatever you want. It works out better that way.

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