i feel like a lonely spoon

Oh, it’s early.

It’s really really early.

I just took Eric to the airport for his flight to Pittsburgh for the holidays. So, I’m a little lonely. Especially since it dropped down so cold… he was my snuggle partner, and now he’s on a plane headed for miles and miles away. So, I don’t really feel like sleeping, although I’m exhausted. We got about three hours of sleep last night, after having Chuy’s surprise birthday Karaoke party, followed by packing up Eric’s things and then listening to the storm rage outside while we talked before we fell asleep.

I can’t believe we didn’t sleep through the morning.

But I took him to the airport, where it was surprisingly easy to get in, park and check in. I was following Eric to his gate and as we went through security the guard-woman stopped me as I put my keys into the tupperware thing and went through the metal detector.

“I need to see your ticket.”

“I don’t have one,” I said, pulling my keys out of the holder.

“Oh,” she said, and took the keys out of my hand and put them back into the holder.

“What are you doing?”

“You can’t come through without a ticket. This area is for passengers only.”

I always see Eric to the plane. I need to make sure he got on okay, his flight wasn’t delayed, he didn’t forget anything…

“She’s with me,” Eric said.

“You have her ticket?” the woman asked him.

“Yes. She’s with me. Come here, baby.” And he whisked me away into the forbidden area.

My hero.

I spent the next twenty minutes driving Eric insane: “Oh, man, I’m not supposed to be here. Do you think she’s going to come look for me? I figured my Pooh backpack gave me away, so I hid it under my coat. I’m nervous. I have to pass her again when I leave, she’s gonna see me and–”

“Arrest you? What could she do?”

“Well, if she tries, I’ll tell her that I was going to go elope with you, but then I decided not to, so now I want to go home, but you are still taking your flight.”


He must have wished that the guard had escorted me out of the building in the first place.

I leave for my parents’ house tonight or tomorrow… regardless of when it is, they are getting their computer replaced, and it may not be in for a couple of days. So, if I don’t update, it’s not for lack of trying.

Can you believe I got all of my Christmas shopping and birthday shopping done yesterday? Technically I only had one birthday present to buy yesterday, so really I got all of my shopping done on Friday. How cool is that? Yesterday was bad enough shopping.. I can only assume today is the real nightmare before Christmas.

Hmmm.. suddenly a real feeling of sleepiness has set in. The kitties are looking at me, the bed, me, the bed, me… sounds like a good idea…

What’s the question of the week? What have I been asked by each and every person that I know? Well, let me give you a hint… the answer is: “No. No. Well, we don’t know exactly why. No, but… oh, thanks. No, we’re okay. Yeah, it sucks.”

I don’t know how to ski, anyway. I’m just glad that my friends and acquaintances care enough to remember.

I have this terrible crawly feeling on my back, like something is walking on me. I took off my shirt and looked at it inside out, and went to the mirror… nothing. But it feels like little spiders inside my shirt, and I swear I felt something poke me in the back a few minutes ago. I’m losing my mind from sleep deprivation.

And it’s only eight days until Eric comes home… what am I so sad about? I just like spending the holidays with him. Him and Taylor and Lillith are a part of my family, and I never get to spend any holidays with my family. Oh, and if you are wondering just what to get the pamie who has everything… there’s a pet pappazan chair at Cost Plus that would look just perfect in the corner of our living room. Taylor and Lillith would just be stoked.

Hmmm.. the whole day to myself to write and clean and… watch Grease. Now that’s what I call a Christmas movie.

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