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i got hired

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at my office and I was searching the web. You know how you’ll put your own name in there to see what you find? Well, apparently my last name is a Japanese Comic company that has its own magazine. I don’t know what my last name means in Japanese, but it’s pretty popular. So I was searching on this page to try and find some pictures of anime stills for lemon and I got a phone call.

It was the man from the anime company, and they wanted to hire me for their current project. I got hired! I go in Monday to start the shooting, and I have to sign some sort of contract (so I can get paid), but the contract also states that I don’t plan on moving anywhere for the next six months or so…

I told him about Aspen, and how I may be going up there, and he said it wasn’t a concern.

So, now I know that I need to stay here for a while… see the role that I got is a reoccurring role in this series of tapes, so if they end up having to dub the entire series, I could be doing this for a while. I’m pretty stoked, as I had a really good time doing the audition.

I feel absolutely terrible today. There’s a crazy flu going around, and I have this headache and I keep sneezing and my head is all stuffed up and my spine aches… I can’t tell if I have a fever, but I’m nauseous and nasty. I don’t want to ask to go home because we are understaffed today, and they are re-arranging my schedule next week for the shooting… but man I feel lousy. I don’t even want to do the show tonight… I just want to go home and sleep.

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