i review a couple of weekends

and i tell you about my audition

Back to workin’.

I’m still working on this video script for work, so that is taking up most of my day. Tomorrow I have to pack up my office for the move. Very exciting… I’m getting a window.

Last night I watched The Opposite of Sex with Christina Ricci. Eric really liked it. I did like it, but I’m not sure why. I didn’t like the narration… because it seemed to be spoken with “constant quotation marks” like so much bad “cool” theatre these days… and I thought that someone needed to rope Lisa Kudrow in a little once in a while. I asked Eric why he liked it so much when I heard him complaining about the film early on. He said, “They stopped showing so much Christina Ricci.”

Then I sat down to watch Ponette. My heart is still broken. This little girl is amazing. She has such a range of emotions… and the writing and the direction go right into the world of these children. I found myself amazed again and again that we could be watching these most intimate moments of childhood… the darkest places of make-believe. I have not watched the end of the film, however, as last night I became exhausted before it was over, and reading subtitles when sleepy only takes you down that spiral even further. I will finish Ponette tonight, and may very well watch it again when I am done. If you have not seen it, you should. It’s about a four-year old girl who’s mother dies, and she tries to deal with it. She thinks that she can bring her mother back if she does the right things. But what you really do is just follow Ponette around for a few weeks and you learn so much about her. You can see all of these different emotions on this little girl without her having to say a word. You can understand what she is thinking by the tilt of her head or the furrow of her brow. and she’s four. four. She broke my heart in the first fifteen minutes.

My house is clean. This is very exciting for me because it will only last for about a week or so. I realize now why I can’t keep my house clean. I become too obsessive over it. I start watching every glass of juice, every plate of crumbs, every small hiccup of the cat… I obsess about the state of the carpet and the arrangement of the pillows… this morning I made the bed before I went to work. Yeah, it’s that kind of obsession. Eventually I’ll give up on it, I know I will, and the house will go back to its “lived in” look. But for just a couple of days it’ll look like I really care about the state of my apartment. Of course, these four days I’m sure no one will come over and no one will ever witness the actual cleanliness that I can achieve, but no matter. I know that it can be done, so I can move on to my next accomplishment.

Which today is to finish my work project… I have to write a script for a video. I will finish it today. mark my words.

then i will clean up my office and pack for the move.

Which one will take longer? I’m not really sure. Both will take up hours upon hours of time.

Not that I’m complaining. I like this kind of work.

My anime audition went fine. It was fun. I was in a sound booth with headphones, and I’d watch a piece of tape in Japanese, and then I’d have to do the voice over making my voice sync up with the Japanese on the screen. Sometimes the words aren’t the same length, so you have to fill in with gasps and pauses. I don’t know how well I sounded, but they said I was good at synching up. So one point for me, I guess. They didn’t seem to be excited about me, but they had me read for three roles. Hopefully I’ll get some work out if this, because I hear it pays well.

It was the easiest audition I had ever gone to. I’m sort of out of practice in auditions. Since Eric has an agent, he does them all the time, but usually I get involved with a project because someone asks me to do it, not because I sought it out. And I usually hate them. The anonymity of it all. Just going in, getting a couple of minutes and leaving without them knowing really anything about you. I get all nervous and my voice gets strained and I don’t sound like me and I’m all shaky and everything… but this time I just was myself and goofed off and had a good time. So even if I don’t get the part, I still feel like I did an okay job. I think it was because they weren’t looking at what I looked like, but rather what I sounded like… and I’m more confident with my voice. If only all auditions were so stress-free.

Okay, so enough dawdling on my part. Back to work.

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