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yelling and singing

So the filming is done. Look for City Hunter: The Motion Picture at a Best Buy near you sometime early next year. I play Kaori (or Corey for the Americanized). That’s me in the short short shorts. Take a look around ADV films, and see what else they’ve done. Some of the best stuff in anime.

It was a lot of fun and I got to yell and scream and jump up and down and basically act like a big goofball for six hours. And get paid for it!. “Sometimes, it’s just so hard being an actor…”

So, now I’m back here at work, and that’s not as much fun… but it’s consistent, so what are you gonna do, right?

I saw Palmetto last night. You don’t have to. In fact, don’t.

I got my car inspected this morning… I always feel so bad during the inspection.. the car is never as clean as I’d like… and I always forget that they have to drive the car around for part of the inspection, and inevitably when I see them pull my car off the lot I’m all jumping up and going, “HEY!” And then I sit back down and try and save face, mumbling something like, “I just wanted him to know it pulls to the right a little.”

My friend Jeff and I were trying to keep ourselves entertained the other night while we were waiting for a play to start. We were sitting outside and it was cold and we were smoking a cigarette.

I wish we had a radio.

Yeah, so we could hear even more Fastball or Alanis Morissette.

You know, I mean, I like Alanis, but I think she’s a little too listy.


Yeah, every song has a list in it, you know?

Yeah… every song has a list!

It’s ironic.

doncha think?

Like her next song’s gonna be called Car:

(sung to the tune of her new song Thank U)
(and when did someone tell her she was Prince?)

I’ve got a car.
It’s green inside.

It’s got seatbelts.
And a radio.
And a heater BUT YOU’RE SO COLD!

You never let
me drive anywhere.
Since you said I HIT THAT CAT!

Wait, wait, wait… that’s too much story.

You’re right.

(singing again)

My car pulls to the left.
Pulls to the right.
Need to check THE A-LIGN-MENT!

The dashboard creaks.
So do the seats.

The brake lights are on.
The brake lights are off.
I must have MY HAZARDS ONNN!

Listy, but fun.

doncha think?

Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. Just name your damn album something I can ask for with dignity. Not that I’m buying the album, mind you. I did love the hell out of You Can’t Do That On Television, though, I ain’t gonna lie to ya. I was so upset when I got to Junior High in Mississippi and the lockers they had were the kind where the long part is all skinny and you just put your coat in there, and there’s a top part for all your books. I always wanted to be in there and wait for one of my friends to walk by so I could pop out and go, “Hey, Moose!” And then in High School it was the kind like in The Wonder Years, where it’s like one is on top and one is on bottom and you can’t fit in those either. I guess it was made so that we couldn’t get shoved in the lockers… but it killed my joke.

What’s the name of the kid on the far right with his hand under his chin?

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