quick thoughts

my dinner’s getting cold

It’s raining outside.

It’s been raining all day. We’ve got a bit of flooding, and this afternoon the power went out. I’m sort of hoping that the weather continues to be this bad (as it’s supposed to) because then maybe we’ll be stuck at home all weekend.

Then I don’t have to make the final set list for the show.

I have to make this for tomorrow afternoon.

I want this to be a great show. We’ve got so many sketches, that I don’t know what to throw out. Some of our new stuff has been working really well (last night’s show went great– Dirty sketch and all) and I’m not sure what to keep. Should I go with the new stuff that hasn’t been tested over and over, or stick with what I know works? Should I put sketches in that have a lot of people or put in a lot of ones with just a couple because they work really well?

Ugh, I wish I didn’t have to make this decision.

I wish it wasn’t just me.

But it is, and that’s what I’ve got to do.

Saw Eric’s show again this evening. Had a great time drinking coffee and walking in the rain.

The rain is nice, it’s calming things down around here and making them quieter.

The doctor called yesterday. No signs of cancer, no sign of serious disease. I’m to go on some antibiotics for a while, and we’ll check again in four months. So a calm mind for now, but it’s just another period of waiting to see if it is indeed something serious.

The waiting is much worse than the knowing.

My dinner is waiting. I’m eating dinner at 11:20 at night again. For some reason we never have a normal dinnertime.

The cats keep throwing up lately. You know how animals are supposed to sense problems? Are they telling me about the rain or the show?

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