kickin’ ass

the aftermath


The show went really well. Really well. If they don’t take us to Aspen, it’s because they didn’t like us, not because we didn’t do our best work. We had a house full of people waiting for us. It was incredible. I went to sweep the stage a little before the show and they started applauding. They couldn’t wait for the show to go on. Audiences that good are rare.

After the show the HBO representative asked if I would like a beer. I thought about my antibiotics… then I thought about being able to say HBO bought me a beer.

I got a Shiner. Are you proud of me?

Last night during the show an ashtray fell and shattered during a set change. The next scene involves Cody rolling on the floor and wiping his face on the stage. I told him to be very careful. He has his face on the ground and then I’m supposed to help him up, and fall down in the process. Who gets cut on the glass? Me. Cut my hand. It’s not bad, but I think there’s still a piece of glass stuck in there. Cody was fine, didn’t get anything on his face. I kind of like the pain in my hand, though, it’s making the memory of the show last longer.

Lots of celebrating afterward. Tonight I’m going to go see the Stand Up auditions. I have a couple of friends that are trying, so I’m gonna go see them. Then Friday are the one-man show auditions…

Sunday, I get to rest.

And not have a sketch rehearsal for a couple of months.

I’m happy about that, because I’m feeling a little weary.

Last night we were making toasts after the show:

“To us, for working so hard!”

“To Cody, on his birthday!”

“To Eric and Victoria, for their wedding!”

“To Eric and Pamie, for their wedding!”

Everyone turned to Eric wide-eyed and cheering, and I jumped in his lap and covered his face in kisses. I think he was sorry he opened his mouth. “I’m kidding!” his fear-ridden eyes were pleading with everyone. We moved on to other toasts.

He just wanted people to cheer for us.

Keep the noise going for a little longer.

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