beer is bad for you

and other things you already know

The show will go on.

This is very exciting for me, as it feels very rewarding that all of our hard work will pay off in some way. It also seems to have put new life into a show that has been worked on for about a year. Wednesday will be the true test. Our second audition. Keep your fingers crossed.

So I was feeling all good about everything and after rehearsal I went next door to the bar to sit with a couple of friends and one asked if he should get a pitcher of beer. “I’m pretty low on cash,” I replied.

“Well, if I buy it will you drink it?”

“I guess I can’t say no to that.”

So about twenty minutes later I’m thinking “Why is this beer so damn good? I mean, I like beer and all, but this beer is exceptional, like I haven’t had beer in—“

“Oh my God!” I shouted. “I’m drinking beer!”

“Good observational skills.”

“No! I’m on antibiotics! I can’t have any alcohol for ten days!”

I was so pissed off because I’d been so good about it. Everyone has been drinking around me, and I’ve been avoiding parties where everyone kind of glares at you when you aren’t drinking, ( I realize this sounds like all of my friends are alcoholics and losers, but that’s not true. Really, they’re good people. They just like the sauce.) and I’ve been drinking Coke and tea and stuff and now I blew it all by having a beer.

And then I remembered what my pharmacist told me:

“Don’t have any alcohol, or else you’ll get really sick on this stuff, because it’s really strong.”

So I’m like, “PURGE! MUST PURGE!” And I start drinking all kinds of water and eating bread and french fries…

And now as I sit here, every time I feel any part of my body move I’m sure I’m going to start projectile vomiting.

Doctors and pharmacists. I believe every word that they say. They could tell me that the best thing for my body image would be to walk around downtown completely naked and I’d start buying SPF 30 for the week-long event.

Now, there’s a parade.

Last night’s Scrabble tally:
Games played: 2
Games won: 2

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