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(I realize that if you dawdled to this page, you may not see an accurate link, but it’s supposed to rain for the next four days. Like, storm, which hasn’t happened in, like, forever.)

Rain. Wonderful rain coming this weekend. So excited. So freakin’ hot around here. Been darn hot for so long. Must… kill… man who turn sun on hot.

Because, I’ll tell you what, I’m feeling like this guy over here to the right, and I’m tired of it. If you ever come to Austin, there’s this thing that we say, and it’s completely true. If you never had allergies before in your life, you will get them after you’ve lived in Austin for three years. You develop them. It’s sick. I wake up every morning sneezing and sniffling and I get to work and everyone thinks I was just in some traumatic fight with my boyfriend because I’m all puffy-faced and tired and the fact is I just want to go back to bed.

Then I’m tired all afternoon, and then I go to rehearsal or whatever and I get home at the end of the night and I’m wired. I can’t sleep. I stay up until three or four in the morning and start the whole damn process over again the next day.

So hopefully the rain will clear away some of this crap in the air. When did I turn into Travis Bickle? Jesus.

Also, lately at work, I’m becoming a bit of a journal junkie. I don’t usually stick around for long, but I like looking around to see what else is out there. So if you’re wondering who that damn uugate.tivoli.com is, it’s me. I lurk around to see what’s new.

common haunts:

Little Miss Robot
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The Mighty Kymm
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And there’s more, not to mention the guys on the main page, but I’m starting to realize where my day goes and I’m getting a little depressed. Most of these guys stop by my page and I wanted to give some props.

It’s just been so damn hot this summer, that I haven’t been going outside on my work breaks for fear of starting a massive asthma attack. Come on, autumn. What am I talking about? There’s no seasons in Texas. We barely have any trees. It doesn’t ever turn cool here, just one day it gets cold. It’s always Halloween night, and you’ve worn some French Maid or Bunny costume and you’re freezing your cottontail all night long.

I think I need a vacation. Just get away from Texas for a while. Going to LA wasn’t exaclty a vacation, since I was working the whole week on the show. I want to pull out my sweaters and jeans and big clunky shoes. I want to see my breath. I want to snuggle under the covers and complain that my toes are freezing.

Has it come to this? I’m talking about the weather? Have I shared with you so much these past couple of weeks that I’m reduced to talking about the heat, the humidity, the pollens? Probably not. It’s just a slow day.

I’m so damn bored at my job lately. I just want to be more creative. I feel like tech support is sucking my soul. I’m a human manual. And I never liked doing technical writing. I wish I got paid for the things in my life that I do that really make me happy. Then I wouldn’t have to sit here every day and feel my eyesight weaken. But, then again, so few are that lucky. I’m lucky enough that I have a job with flexible hours and such. I have benefits….(speaking of weakening eyes.. I’d better check on that Vision Plan)…and it’s not like my job is that hard. Just tedious. I detest things that waste my time and are tedious. Like changing the kitty litter. You’d think they would have learned by now how to do it on their own. Lazy bums.

Found out that a friend of mine who recently dropped everything to move away and see a girl moved away and dumped the girl and is probably coming back. He’s been gone about a week and a half. Sometimes it’s hard to start all over again, and once we get away from what we thought was holding us back, we realize how much it gave us the determination and stamina we had in the first place. If you get away from what breaks you, what weakens you, and what you fear, then you live without accomplishing. You live without moving.

This Hallmark moment has been brought to you by pamie, who urges you to get out more and don’t just drink diet coke and eat popcorn all day in a little hole someone calls an office. Look what it does to you. Absolutely pitiful.

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