mail is good fun

I have a headache. I’ve had one for about a week now and I’m tired of it. It starts right under my eyes and travels down to the base of my neck by the end of the day. I took off work early today to get some rest, but it’s not seeming to help.

What did brighten my day, however, is the amount of mail I got over the weekend. Thanks, guys. I was just thinking the other day about what is it that keeps people coming, makes them want to read your site. Why do I go to sites every day hoping from an update from Melty or Ms. E? I love the privacy of it all… looking into someone’s mind without them having to explain things slowly to you or you having to hear the same old stories again.

I enjoy writing this page because people I would never have met e-mail me to tell me what they thought ( my girlfriend piece was especially popular) and people that I do know tell me what they think of it all…(hi, guys!). It’s my tiny magazine that I work on every day and it’s something that makes me feel like I’m doing some writing everyday. Guestbooks make me uncomfortable, I know, because you feel compelled to put more of your own personal info on them than you’d like, but I like when people sign them, because they usually tell me more than they do when they are just sending a quick e-mail.

I also realized that I never told anyone too much about me, so to answer any questions:

I’m female.
I’m in my twenties.
I’m an Aries.
If you didn’t know at least two of those facts by now, I’m pretty surprised.

In any event, this was merely my attempt to thank you guys for the great mail I’ve gotten lately. I like knowing that people are reading.

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