atkins schmatkins.

Do not taunt the child. Screw the diet.

So here’s what happened. My boyfriend lost a ton of weight, continues to lose a ton of weight, feels good, looks good… pisses me off. I on the other hand, lost a couple of pounds, but they were all in tears. Man, I cried at the drop of a hat, gagged at the sight of food, and hated everyone. Headache for three days straight (coming off of caffeine) and tired and sweaty all the time. Every woman I know that has tried this diet has become miserable. It has something to do with hormones, I’m sure. Men can abuse their bodies much more easily… if only I hadn’t been on my period when I started the thing… I don’t know.

Anyway, I went off the diet, and felt terrible for a couple more days. I’ve just started to get an appetite back, but now whenever I eat I feel too full. And tired. But at least I smile. I was so sick of feeling sick. And I can eat an egg without gagging. The worst part of it all was feeling so gross. All I was eating was fat and fat and grease and fat and meat and I started to feel like I was just a big fatty fat gross girl. The lowest point for me was when I had to buy a snack food, and all I could purchase was Pork Rinds. Not only did everyone else get grossed out, I grossed myself out trying one. Never again.

So, to re-cap, Atkins diet– feel like you pump grease, not blood. Do lose weight, but lose a very nice part of your sanity as well. If you are male, go for it. Female… be careful.

I have kept up the drinking water part. I really like this new habit. I get more breaks at work. Gotta smoke, gotta pee.

Good for me. Yeah, me! Drink that water, girl. You go.

I suddenly feel like absolutely no one reads my web page. I’m serious. I don’t think anyone does. Hey, do me a favor. If you read this far, just tell me, okay? Just send an e-mail that says “I read that far.” Give me hope.

The web makes you paranoid.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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