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I can’t believe Bush is going to choose Dick Cheney for his running mate. I can only apologize in advance for the months, if not years of open mic night abuse with the punchline “Bush and Dick.”

Friday night was spent inside an airplane. The entire night. The flight from Austin to Dallas only takes an hour. After that I got on my connecting flight to LA. And then we sat there.

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i think my eyelids just melted. (Spoilers inside for High Fidelity, so watch out.)


Not like, “Oh, it’s warm outside, you might want to put on some shorts and sandals.” It’s like, “What are you doing wearing clothes, are you crazy?” hot. Hot. HOT.

They (and I love calling them ‘They,’ by the way) – they say it’s going to stay at least 100 degrees every day for the next two weeks.

That’s uncalled for.

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