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  • Shave and a Haircut, Two Blocks

    Shave and a Haircut, Two Blocks

    It was very tempting to just write, “So that happened.” And then move on. Because honestly, it will be near impossible to put into words the past three weeks. I figure I’m going to need the help of some photographs. While I’m waiting for everything to come in (and if you’re reading this and have […]

  • Wedding Week Update (final)

    Still raining. I don’t care. Everybody is getting here safely. It’s time for me to wrap this blog up for 2004, and take a nice vacation from computers. Thanks to everybody who has been here for your support, your activism, and your wonderful personalities. I’ll see you when I’m not so covered in single.

  • Wedding Week Update #1

    I burned my arm making dinner last night. Just a small burn, one I’ll be able to cover up with makeup, but I knew it was going to happen. I’ve smacked my hands into just about everything over the past couple of days, and now two of my knuckles are skinned, including my left ringfinger. […]

  • Sing it, Alanis

    Number of hours my mom’s been in town: five and a half. Number of hours it’s been raining: five and a half. Heavy rain is predicted for the next two days, with sporadic showers until next week. Awesome.

  • 2004

    I don’t imagine I’ll have that much time to update here over the next week. People start arriving as early as tonight. So if I don’t check in again, here’s my year-end wrap-up: Wow.

  • Do you take this dork to be your lawfully wedded…

    When Tara does recreate her recent fight with Glark while delivering our ceremony, she can have confidence in the fact that my last argument with stee involved him eventually shouting, “I don’t understand the oven! I don’t know how to cook!” and then him grinning from ear to ear at how stupid that all sounds, […]

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    In her latest entry, Sara gives a tour of tacky Hollywood homes, including my favorite — the year-round David house. This house is lined in white statues of David, and for Christmas they all get tiny Santa hats. Our neighborhood is decorated with lots and lots of lights, prompting stee to buy some lights at […]

  • Happy Wedding Story Monday

    [readermail] Hi Pam! I’ve commented a few times, but never emailed before, so I’m sure my name isn’t familiar. In any event, I love your site, and your Gilmore Girls recaps, and your book. I think you’re great.[/readermail]

  • Subject: Christmahaunnakwanzaawalpurgistide Cool Kid Checking In

    [readermail] Hey Pam — First let me say that you are the coolest of all the cool kids for being a library activist. It’s something everyone can get behind. Here in Sumner County, Tennessee, they tried to shut down ALL the libraries less than a year ago. Public outcry followed and the idea was nixed, […]

  • They Don’t Even Have a License, Leeza.  (Now We Do)

    They Don’t Even Have a License, Leeza. (Now We Do)

    We got our marriage license today. Actually, it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, as there aren’t too many places in Los Angeles to fill out this form, and the Beverly Hills one is only open about twelve hours a week total. I appreciate how often they stress that both bride and […]