For Mo.

I just ran into a friend on the lot, a woman I worked with on this lot last year on the Oxygen show. (Wow. Only last year? Feels like five.)


We hugged, chatted about what we’ve been up to. “You’re almost done here,” she said to my friend and me.

“Yes. End of the month.” Continue reading

High Class Problems

It’s late, but I’ve got The Insomnia, so here I am, writing another entry. Will the wine work, or will the writing work? One of these things should get me sleepy. I’ve got work in the morning.

Um. So.

I ran into my friend Alex at the store last night. We went to college in Austin together, and he is now my neighbor, living just across the major street in our neighborhood. I think that’s the coolest thing. I get home late from work and run to the store, and who’s in line? Alex. It really made it feel like Eagle Rock is becoming an actual neighborhood, and not this place far away off The 2, where nobody ventures out unless they want to visit me or get some of the best Mexican food in Los Angeles. Continue reading

push up your glasses.

It’s been very hard to keep cool when working with all these writers who’ve done things I admire. It’s happened at all three of these last jobs, where I’m sitting, chatting with someone, and part of my brain will suddenly realize he wrote an episode of television that became a memorable Thanksgiving, or he created a catchphrase still said among my friends. And I try not to Farley-out with these people, but sometimes it’s really hard.

Then I go and screw it all by shouting, “Hey, you guys! We’re driving through Stars Hollow! Look! The video store!” Continue reading