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  • It’s Dewey Donation System Time!

    It’s Dewey Donation System Time!

    Hello, fine people. It’s that exciting time of the year when we put on our do-gooder hats and go send some books to some strangers. The Dewey Donation System is open for business, and this year we’re sponsoring two libraries in need brought to us by two very special pamie.com/Dewey fans.


    I see that the link I put in the Korean Spa entry to Unicorn didn’t work. Forgive me, I wrote that on a plane that had complimentary wifi (thanks, Alaskan Air!), and completely forgot to go back and check the link until just now. Here’s Unicorn. I can’t even click it without missing Bangkok times…

  • Victory!


    In the past month, my team won our Baby Doll Brawl (see Charlie Chu’s awesome pictures here), I got final approval on the manuscript, went to Thailand, and started at a new job. That’s a lot to process. Now that I have an office again, maybe I’ll be able to do some of it here.…